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Daily Crime, Fraud, and Scam Reports

As a reminder, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office does not call citizens and solicit money to avoid being arrested. We are being notified of fraudulent calls again where individuals are claiming to be deputies from the Sheriff’s Office, requesting money to avoid arrest.

Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office is seeing a reoccurrence of scams where the scammer is sending individuals checks that they have the victim cash, keep a part of it and send the scammer the remaining funds. Please be cautions on social media platforms with individuals sending checks and asking for money to be sent back to them.

Date: 04 December 2023


Larceny of Tools 6600 block of E. Washington St., Mebane
Victim reports $6,000 worth of tools stolen from two of their work vehicles.

Larceny from MV 100 block of Dairyland Rd., Hillsborough
Victim reports their vehicle was towed today and went they went to retrieve it they discovered $82.00 in cash was missing and the hood was up on the vehicle.

Larceny 2500 block of Lonnie Circle, Hillsborough
Victim reported that about $1800 worth of disability checks were stolen.


Nothing to Report.


Nothing to Report.

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