About Us

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is comprised of men and women dedicated to the Sheriff’s mission and vision for the safety and well-being of the county’s residents, as well anyone traveling through.

Deputies are sworn law enforcement personnel, appointed by the Sheriff as an extension of himself.  Though law enforcement efforts are primarily concentrated in areas outside municipalities, the Sheriff and his deputies have the authority to arrest for any violation of the law, anywhere in the county.  Currently there are 104 sworn deputies assigned to Patrol.


The other major job responsibilities of the Sheriff are to maintain the Detention Center and security within the county’s courts. At present, there are 51 detention staff members.

What many do not see is the relentless work and dedication of staff members inside our office. These duties range from fingerprinting, processing Concealed Weapons and Pistol Permit applications, assisting any walk-in customers, and processing all civil service papers received.