"A Better, Safer Way to Finalize In-Person Purchases for Goods and Services Advertised Online"

We encourage Orange County residents to use the Orange County Sheriff's Office lobby and parking lot for Craigslist type transactions.

Stories from across the country have placed a spotlight on the potential danger that exists when private parties meet to finalize purchases for goods and services advertised online. In an effort to safeguard county residents during these types of exchanges, Sheriff Blackwood and the Orange County Sheriff's Office have established a Transaction Safe Zone. The public is invited to take advantage of the office lobby or parking lot to meet and to handle their transactions. In addition, Orange County deputies will be available to observe the transfer, thereby increasing both the buyer and seller's sense of security. 
Along with our commitment to the personal safety of both buyers and sellers, the Orange County Sheriff's Office is also concerned with ensuring the transactions do not involve stolen merchandise. At the request of either party, the Orange County Sheriff's Office will check the item's serial number to determine whether it appears on the State of North Carolina or national databases of stolen property.

To schedule an appointment: 
Please contact our Office at 919-245-2900 to arrange a time to meet with a deputy. 
Appointments can be scheduled to occur during normal business hours as well as after hours.

Neither the Sheriff nor the Orange County Sheriff's Office and its employees make any representations or warranties regarding the goods or services transferred between parties.