Support Services

Jones, Kevin Lieutenant-1.jpg
Maj.  Kevin Jones

The Major of Support Services believes in the philosophy that no voice in the community should go unheard.  With an extensive background in law enforcement as well as community outreach, Major Caldwell aligns himself with each division to offer assistance with any unmet individual or community need that division may uncover during its routine work. This is a unique position, yet one deemed instrumental in building relationships with stakeholders.

The Sheriff’s Office extends its resources to others in time of need. Major Caldwell led the effort to mobilize our deputies and detention staff to assist Robeson County Sheriff’s Office during the flood in October 2016.  He also organized subsequent trips to deliver large quantities of donated water. Additionally, this position collaborates with other offices who share the common goal of designing a reentry program for newly released inmates in order to assist with education, employment, and housing.

Visitors since January 2017