Sheriff's Office Promotions and Assignments

July 2018 Promotions and Assignments

Deputy  Roldan Milan promoted to Corporal, Detention

Deputy Z. Baldwin promoted to Corporal, Patrol

Deputy Richard Dowdy promoted to Corporal, Patrol

Deputy Ashley Peele promoted to Corporal, Community Watch

Deputy Doug Dunnagan promoted to Sergeant, Detention

Sergeant Joshua Wood promoted to Lieutenant, Investigations

Deputy George Wilson will assume the duties of a School Resource Officer and will report to Lieutenant Tina Sykes.

Corporal Ashley Peele will assume Community Watch duties and will report to Major David Caldwell.

Sergeant Brandon Wilkerson will transfer to the Patrol Division and will report to Captain Terrell Tripp.

August 2018 Promotions and Assignments

Investigator Dawn Hunter promoted to Sergeant

Investigator Tim Jones promoted to Sergeant

Deputy Aaron Popp promoted to Corporal, Patrol

May 2018 Promotions and Assignments

Captain Lloyd Bradsher, Major
Captain Randall Hawkins, Major
Captain Timothy Horne, Major
Sergeant Jeff Clayton, Lieutenant
Corporal Brian Sykes, Sergeant

February 2018 Promotions and Assignments

Sheriff Blackwood welcomes Anna Lankford back to the Office as a full-time Deputy.  She will join the Courts Division.

January 2018 Promotions and Assignments

Duke Ashley will be promoted to the rank of Corporal
Malcom Hester will be promoted to the rank of Corporal

Deputies Luke Ashley and Joseph Winecoff will begin canine training school on January 29.

Recently retired Hillsborough Police Department Lieutenant Robert “Brad” Whitted will return to the Sheriff’s Office in a part-time capacity.  Deputy Whitted will assist Major Caldwell with Community Watch duties.

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