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The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has Deputies assigned to K-9 duties.  Canines are purchased from various venders across the Country and paired with a Deputy who has met the requirements of K-9 Handler.  The Deputy and the canine attend an initial K-9 school and the K-9 team is formed.  In addition to the initial School, the K-9 teams continue to train weekly.  The K-9 teams complete 16 hours of   training a month with a certified K-9 trainer.  In addition to this training, K-9 Handlers also take time to complete maintenance training weekly to keep their canine partners proficient.


Currently, the K-9 Unit is formed with three patrol canines.  The Patrol Canines are trained in narcotics detection, tracking, article search and criminal apprehension of violent offenders.  Our Patrol Canines have been instrumental in locating illegal narcotics in homes, yards and vehicles in Orange County.  These Patrol Canines have also been instrumental in locating evidence related to crimes that have occurred in Orange County.

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