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The Orange County Sheriff’s Office Evidence Unit is responsible for storing, maintaining, and disposing of all property taken pursuant to law enforcement custody.  This includes found and recovered property, property seized as evidence of a crime, and property pursuant to domestic violence orders. 


Found and recovered property is maintained for at least 180 days.


Property taken as evidence for a crime as well as property taken pursuant to domestic violence orders is held until court disposition. It is the responsibility of the Evidence Unit to ensure evidence taken as part of a criminal investigation is stored, analyzed by the lab if needed, and maintains a secure chain of custody through the court process. There are no storage fees for evidence held by the Office.

North Carolina General Statues govern the return of property to the rightful owner or destruction in some cases. Return of property is an essential function of the Evidence unit.  Contact the Evidence Unit to schedule a time to recover property.  Additionally, the Evidence Unit can assist to ensure the proper paperwork is in hand to assist in an easy and smooth return of property.  Evidence Unit personnel are the only members with the authority to release property.

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