Crime Report

27 Jan 2021 - The following has been reported.


B/E and Larceny 1900 Block NC 57, Hillsborough
Units responded to the location in reference to a breaking and entering. Victim called in stating their mother’s house had been broken into. It appears the suspects gained entry by shattering a back window of the residence. Victim stated 4 long barrel shotguns and 2 wooden benches were stolen. Victim was unable to provide serial numbers for the shotguns at this time. Victim is currently looking after the house due to their mother being in a rehab facility. Last secure 1/25/21 at 5:00pm. A cloth mask, cigarette butt, flashlight, and screwdriver were collected and turned in for evidence. Unknown who the suspects are at this time.

Larceny/Theft From Motor Vehicle 6400 Block Oak Grove Church Rd. Mebane
Responded to the above address in reference to a larceny. Upon my arrival, Victims stated they had items taken. Items taken were, a yellow & black Champion generator taken from outside of the residence, a red metal toolbox containing misc tools taken from the rear compartment of a silver 2007 Kia Sportage. No serial number could be provided for the generator and no OAN's were applied to the toolbox or generator. Victims were provided with a Victim's Resource Card.




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