House Check/Close Patrols
The Sheriff's Patrol Deputies provide the services of either House Checks or Close Patrols for residents who leave their homes for one reason or another (vacations, business trips, etc.).


A house check is a request for a deputy to come to your residence and physically inspect all doors and windows to ensure the security of your home. A close patrol puts Deputies in your neighbor hood to view the property from the road and provide extra patrol in the area. This service to residents is free of charge and yet another way to be proactive in protecting your property.


To take advantage of this valuable service, just call (919) 245-2900 to speak with someone at the Sheriff's Office, or, if you see a Deputy on Patrol, he or she will be happy to "write up" your request. Keep in mind that residents help make these services more effective by requesting them 2-3 days in advance of their leaving.

Visitors since January 2017