Alicia Stemper is the Director of Public Information for Sheriff Blackwood and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.


Born in New Jersey, Alicia also spent formative years in Washington, Kentucky, and North Carolina. After moving to Chapel Hill during college, she is now a long time resident of Orange County and has lived in all three municipalities. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s Degree in Social Work.


Alicia served as a crisis counselor with the Chapel Hill police department early in her career and later became a mitigation investigator researching the psychosocial histories of clients charged with or convicted of death penalty crimes. Also pursuing photography for many years, she wrote and photographed the Vitamin O series, a body of work celebrating the unique people who live, work, and play in Orange County. With a heavy focus on artists, she has written almost 100 “doses” of Vitamin O; part of this work is on permanent exhibit in the Whitted Building.

In 2017, Alicia accepted a two year appointment to serve as an Orange County magistrate. In this role, she heard probable cause testimony, processed arrestees, set pretrial conditions of release, performed marriages, and presided over small claims court.

In 2019, she became the Director of Public Information and Special Services at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. In this capacity, she uses her academic background, her law enforcement and legal experiences, and her love of photography to serve residents of Orange County on behalf of the Sheriff. In addition to being the agency’s primary photographer, she writes press releases and website content, manages the social media accounts, provides visual material for lobby messaging boards, and collaborates with other departments.


Phone: (919) 245-2963